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Re-engineer your operational processes to improve customer experience through faster, structured, and seamless customer service.

Eliminate Paper Forms from Your Data Collection Process

No more paperwork. Stop wasting time collecting information manually with paper forms. Mobile forms allow field workers to update information directly to your dashboard resulting in a faster, error-free workflow. 

FSM Lite lets you work smart with any of your mobile devices. It allows you to build and manage fluid service processes that would otherwise require paperwork. We simplify and speed up your complex tasks by helping you manage all your resources and workflow.

No Coding Knowledge Required

You don’t need to be an IT or coding expert. FSM Lite is an easy-to-use platform that allows you and your team to access and customize forms on the go.

The mobile form resembles your paper forms, making it easy to use. All you need is to build a form from scratch or update one that already exists.

Your Ultimate Field Data Collection and Workflow Solution

With our digital forms solution, you can collect data such as barcodes, photos, geolocations, drawings, and signatures. After filed workers collect the data, a report will be immediately sent to you for review.

The tool can distinguish between operation and administrative processes. With this, you can view and manage your entire data collection process. You can also visualize your data at a glance with our dashboard auditing capabilities.

Create Your Form in Minutes

Why waste time with manual reporting? With FSM Lite, you can collect information on real-time data without worrying about anything.

FSM Lite allows you to create any form by simply dragging and dropping user interfaces, regardless of your project requirements. Automation of tasks also streamlines your data collection process and ensures proper record keeping.

We help you Receive fast and relevant data while keeping your team informed about your business operations. You will be able to build better workflows and prevent errors caused by human error.

Collect Data from Any Place

Access your forms anywhere through our intuitively designed mobile app. Share links to the forms you’ve created with anyone and acquire information from people in different locations.

You can customize the forms such that you or your teammates can use them in online or offline modes. You don’t have to worry even if the location you’re collecting data doesn’t have stable internet.

Built-in Capabilities

We put the power to manage your forms and workflow into your hands. Our job management, report, and dashboard features keep you aware of how many tasks are running, completed, and pending. These features keep everything organized, so you know what’s happening at all times.

You can track all your forms, including creation date, last update, number of keys collected, barcodes scanned, and videos uploaded.

Improve Data Accuracy

With our form builder, you can work on the go. You’re able to set up FSM Lite forms with high levels of security. Maximum security ensures only authorized persons can access the forms while maintaining your company’s data privacy.

 All data is automatically synced to your dashboard, allowing you or your team to download anytime.


FSM Lite is the solution for you if you’re looking for a cost-effective alternative to your current data collection method. We provide our clients with convenient plans that are tailored to their specific requirements. These plans make us ideal for businesses looking for a better alternative to traditional data collection methods.

How FSM Lite Works

Completing challenging tasks has never been this easy.

Step 1: Create the Form

Use the “drag and drop” feature to easily create any form. Through its validation system, the form can be filled and immediately sent to a superior for approval. There’s also a pre-filled feature that sends notifications to your employees whenever they have a new task to complete.

Step 2: Create a Personalized Report Design (optional)

You can design your report such that it reflects your company. For instance, you can customize it to reflect your company’s name or image.

Step 3: Assign the Forms to Your Staff

Once ready, assign the forms to your team of staff that will participate in the data collection process. On the platform, they’ll get to see the kind of information they’re going to collect.

Step 4: Fill Out the Form

You also have the flexibility to tell your staff what they’re going to collect. All they need to do is fill out the form with information gathered from the field.

You staff can also assign or dispatch the forms to any number of users using the FSM Lite Mobile app. The users will then fill the form on their tablets, smartphones, or a web form browser.

Step 5: Submit the Form for Processing

After filling out the form, your reports are automatically generated. You may also route the collected data to your preferred system for future reference and manipulation.

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