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Best in Class Forms Management

  • Forms builder optimizes Business processes which are user-centric. Online business form templates can be deployed to the field instantly

  • Capture from the field by viewing all forms via a single platform 

  • Connect with data sources anywhere at any time with a mobile device

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Cloud-Based Online Business Forms

Harness The Power Of Data With

Cloud-Based Online Business Forms

FSM Lite brings the power of data collection to your fingertips, no matter where you or your customers are. Cloud-based online business forms that you can create, modify and manage from mobile devices on the go prevent unnecessary delays and ensure timely collection and analysis of critical business data. Whether the forms are required to collect necessary data from the customers, teams in the field, or other business stakeholders, FSM Lite makes the entire process seamless.

Our drag-and-drop form builder allows you to create comprehensive and professional forms with just a few clicks, saving you hours wasted on the same activity with conventional tools. The ability to create ad-hoc templates allows businesses to create individualized variants of the forms while streamlining data collection.

Form Builder with

20+ Drag and Drop Controls

With FSM Lite’s intuitive dynamic form builder, you can create custom forms on the go with the help of 20+ controls. Our dynamic forms allow you to:

  • Create an ad hoc form template
  • Create and manage complex forms from the field
  • Define multiple numbers of customized options
  • Provide headers to forms
  • Create a form with various controls, including text, numeric, rich text, checkbox list, dropdown, date, barcode/QR codes, Geocode, etc
  • Export and print checklist templates
  • Attach checklists in Work Request Master/equipment/customer type or ad hoc
  • Allows upload of photos and documents
  • Defines field mandatory lengths, LOV, etc.
forms and sub-forms


Forms and Sub-Forms

  • With FSM Lite, users can create multiple forms and sub-forms so that they can see customer data & orders from various tables on the same form 
  • Create forms and sub-forms with the help of particular conditions and scenarios

Capture Image

Scan Barcode and Geolocations

  • Collect data more smartly with dynamic forms, you can now add valuable data like GPS location, images, drawings, character recognition, and barcode scanning 
  • Streamline processes, improve data quality, and allow clients to validate the jobs
barcode and geolocations


Complex Forms

Different industries have different requirements and needs for online business forms, ranging from simple to complex. You can create relatively simplistic forms for a relatively large audience. FSM Lite also gives you the option to be as comprehensive and detailed as needed to capture/collect the data for relevant fields. The 20+ drag-and-drop controls that are part of the form builder allow you to create sophisticated online business forms for a wide range of specialized fields.

complex forms
Dynamic forms


Dynamic Forms

Intuitive, dynamic forms that can guide the individuals interacting with the form offer multiple benefits. They are easy to use and save precious company time spent on answering questions related to the forms. Dynamic forms are also more likely to capture the right information compared to conventional layouts by proactively resolving the queries of the individuals filling out the form.

Build Forms For

Multiple Industries

FSM Lite allows you to create forms for multiple industries, including hospitality, logistics, and healthcare. It's a powerful tool with features capable of catering to the needs of highly mobile industries like logistics as well as security-sensitive sectors like healthcare. The flexibility, wealth of features, and intuitiveness of FSM Lite make it a perfect choice for virtually all businesses, from small retail stores collecting their consumers' feedback to complex B2B conglomerates with diverse online business form needs.

multiple industries
FSM Lite Form Builder

FSM Lite Form Builder

Forms are a crucial part of all businesses, and relevant data collection is just one of the several key business requirements facilitated by the right forms. Equipment inventory, transportation requests, vendor assessment, purchase orders, consent forms, safety checklists, and hundreds of other forms (for dozens of industries) define parts of a business's operations and how it interacts with other businesses and consumers.

Online Business Forms You Can Trust

FSM Lite dynamic form builder lets you create a wide array of forms, from basic data-collection templates to legally binding forms signifying formal business agreements and engagements. It's a tool you can trust to facilitate the seamless creation and distribution of forms that are a crucial part of how your business operates and connects with its stakeholders.

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