Manage Jobs Better

Seamless and Efficient

  • With FSM Lite, you can access your forms on the go to enable effective job management and process flow management

  • Queue each job based on priority for excellent customer management


Job Management

  • FSM Lite enables you to ensure effortless job management 
  • View your day at a glance & Keep your business moving wherever you go with just a click to manage the long queues of the jobs and your top priority task for the day.
  • Manage single-day or multiday jobs and assign your crew to each job as per their expertise and job description
  • Collect critical data in real-time, improving your work crew’s efficiency 
  • Track all the assigned jobs and keep a check on their status 
  • Track time-bound jobs and even the ones you have not yet assigned to the crew


Preventive Maintenance Job Scheduling

  • Nowadays, businesses focus on preventative maintenance rather than taking a reactive maintenance route to save costs and improve everyday business efficiency
  • With FSM Lite, you can maintain and manage your preemptive maintenance jobs based on highly customized daily, weekly, and monthly schedules 
  • FSM Lite Repeat job enables automatic job creation at set schedules
  • It will also protect your business from costly equipment failure
  • Automate your maintenance schedule to ensure timely preemptive maintenance 
  • Set up an expiry date for certain maintenance tasks.
  • Streamline your processes and automate maintenance tasks for timely and effective task completion.


Track Multiple Jobs and Technicians Simultaneously

  • The platform also offers a best-in-class calendar, which will help you manage the shifts of your employees.
  • FSM Lite’s Job Board, designed like the Gantt View with day, week and month view, enables field service managers to monitor the status of the assigned jobs in real-time. 
  • User-friendly Easy drag and drop from one user to another users and move jobs from unassigned queue.
  • Manage your multitasked jobs seamlessly.
  • Moreover, managers will also be able to receive an real time updates on the job progress.


Process Flow Management

  • Creating a relevant and relatively flexible process flow can help organizations plan and execute projects with more efficient use of resources.
  • FSM Lite can help you create and manage process flows seamlessly, with adequate visibility and control over the process.
  • Effective process flow management can help you identify redundancies and balance your workload
  • Visualizing the path to achieving project goal(s) through a process flow can help the team/stakeholders gain a clearer understanding of the process and their roles.
  • Standardizing tasks with a process flow ensure that you have modifiable roadmaps for future tasks that overlap in scope and approach, saving you time and assisting with better predictability of project success.

Job Management

For A Dozen Sectors

  • FSM Lite allows you to create and manage process flows for a dozen sectors, including retail, healthcare, and logistics.
  • The flexibility of the job management feature ensures that the nuanced aspects of various industry niches are covered, allowing you to create a perfectly tailored process flow.
  • Integrating different stakeholders, from vendors to consumers, is easy and offers you end-to-end visibility of each job. This allows you to identify patterns that can help you make smarter business decisions.
  • The tool allows you to adhere to the best job management and process flow management practices of your sector and industry.

Efficient Process Flow Management Regardless Of

Project Complexity

  • From small projects handled by an in-house team to complex projects involving multiple external entities, FSM Lite helps you create process flows for projects of virtually any level of complexity.
  • Real-time collection of mission-critical data helps you make smarter decisions. You can modify project specifications, personnel, approach, etc., for optimal resource management and success, with the help of relevant data.
  • Visibility regarding time, job status, and personnel associated with multiple active and pending projects help you allocate your resources more effectively and increase your probability of success in complex projects.
  • The tool simplifies the process of breaking down complex projects into easy tasks and creating practical process flows.

Harness The Power Of


  • FSM Lite helps you harness the power of automation for efficient process flow management and seamless job management.
  • Instead of dedicated resources to tracking project status, flagging anomalies, and recreating process flows for repeated jobs, you can automate the process and divert the resources and time to other productive activities.
  • Automating the process of job creation and tracking can help you reduce human errors.
  • Experiencing the benefits of automation in job management and process flow management can also make your business (and other) teams more open to adopting automation in other areas of their routine operations.
FSM Lite is designed to make project management, from macro flows to individual tasks, seamless for a wide variety of businesses. It helps you save time and resources and significantly improves your chances of success in each project.

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