Workflow Management

Automate Your Internal Business Operations

  • Welcome seamless automated workflows into your life with FSM Lite’s workflow rules engine

  • Utilize your resources and time in achieving your business goals


Labor-Intensive Work Processes

  • Automate all sorts of everyday business processes 
  • Automate these processes based on preset conditions. When you meet these conditions, our software will trigger the workflow, and your team will be able to perform their everyday tasks quickly. 
  • Configure customized workflows and get activated.

FSM Lite

Workflow Designer

  • Workflow Designer is a visual design tool that you can use to present your work processes in a single design environment
  • Automate everyday tasks, approvals, notifications, and more with a simple, hassle-free design
  • Save your time, resources, and money while improving the efficiency of your employees


Approval Process

  • Approval processes involve certain conditions or steps that you need to move past to officially receive approval from various levels of your organization
  • Configure the levels of approval and the set benchmarks 
  • FSM Lite Approval Processes ensure that administrators can configure all sorts of multi-tiered approval processes for a vast collection of modules. This way, you can ensure optimal functionality and time-saving within your organization
  • Automate your everyday business operations with customizable workflows and approval processes with us

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