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Digitize Your On-Paper Data, Checklists & SOP's into Electronic Forms

Simplifying Forms, Workflow and Task Management

FSM Lite is a cloud-based forms and workflow management tool that enables you to effectively manage your data, create and share forms, schedule, dispatch and track field operatives and more. With FSM Lite, you can step into the cutting-edge world of advanced field management solutions which allows you to focus on taking your business to new heights of success. FSM Lite streamlines your operations and enhances your efficiency with its powerful task management software capabilities.

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Create & Deploy Forms without Coding

With FSM Lite, you can easily create forms with simple drag and drop user interfaces to suit your tasks specifics which needs no coding knowledge . Our flexible form builder can be used to build digital forms tailored to fit your specific task execution process.

Job Management

Keep track of all the your jobs and manage your resources, time, and costs for every job. Enjoy seamless workflow management and insightful reporting.

Mobile APP

One APP with Many Possibilities – FSM Lite Mobile App will improve the productivity of your field resources, offering them a dynamic mobile tool to complete all their work in the field. It will also enable them to fill out your forms on mobile devices – even offline.

Empower your teams with FSM Lite

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Problems We Solve


Creating template inspection forms and completing site inspections have never been easier! You can use our mobile app to organize and carry out Inspection tasks. The straightforward visual interface of FSM Lite helps users collect data, standardize inspections, and manage tasks in an optimized manner.

Site Audits

We make site auditing easy with customizable forms that you can make your workers fill out hassle-free.


Capture rich data from on-site interactions. Gather information about customers, tasks performed, and more to help improve field efficiency.

Services Fulfillment

Crafted for fast-growing organisations, empower your workforce with a tool to improve service fulfillment.

We can help you if you belong to the following industries:

  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Health & Safety
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • BFSI
  • Agrovet and Poultry
  • NBFC
  • Food Standards
  • Telecom

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