Reports & Dashboards

Generate Report with a Single Click

  • Generate customizable, detailed, and data-driven reports that reflect your business’s performance

  • Get access to the complete picture of your organization’s core processes

  • Access and retrieve the data anytime and anywhere you want

Automatically Generated

Reports with Report Designer

  • Create highly customized reports automatically
  • Get rid of time-consuming manual report writing 
  • Automate reports with photos, assigned actions, geo-location, time-stamps, and user names
  • Submit and review online reports in real-time
  • You can also email them automatically to the relevant team for review


Custom Reports

  • Get access to pre-customized reports to help you keep track of the details of all field service operations
  • Assess your projects’ status and track their progress in multiple formats
  • Choose your preferred layout for the best-practice reports & customize it according to your organization’s specific needs
  • Generate accurate high-level summaries of your projects with FSM Lite’s pre-built custom reporting tool.
  • Use multiple features to narrow down the report’s scope
  • Use the drill-in function for in-depth data investigation



  • FSM Lite offers you highly customizable dashboards that give you a complete overview of your reports and audit scores across multiple teams and locations
  • Have a birds’ eye view of every detail and have an in-depth analysis of trend graphs, individual inspection reports, and other business processes 
  • View the results instantly in your dashboard after each inspection
  • Keep track of all corrective actions assigned in a follow-up inspection 
  • Schedule timely audits and track action completion via the FSM Lite dashboard
  • Access and manage all planned audits and keep track of their status, due date, location, assignee
  •  Track delays, define better plans and escalate timelines to ensure timely and effective completion of tasks 

Ad hoc


  • Personalize each report according to your needs 
  • With FSM Lite, create multiple customizable forms, grids, or charts 
  • With FSM Lite’s intuitive reporting solutions, create and run your customized reports for seamless interpretation and in-depth analysis of ground activity

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