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“The future is here.” That’s what many people say in the tech world today. But, how does this apply to your business? What can you do to take advantage of tomorrow’s technology and not be left behind?

FSM Lite will help streamline your inspections, field audits, and more!

Create Forms & Reports Without Coding

You don’t need expensive coders or technical skills to build digital forms tailored to your specific data collection needs. Anyone can use our flexible form builder.

The feature-rich form builder has more than 25+ field types, that includes Math Functions, Table, Bar Code/QR Code, Signature, Feedback/Rating, Location Field, Sub-Form, Custom Fields using which you can simply drag-and-drop and build any form in minutes.

One can also build reports using Print Forms Library using the drag and drop feature, the data collected via the digital forms can be shown in the dynamic reports as output.

Visualize Data in Real-Time: Instant Reports Help You Save Time

Tap into the power of your data with built-in dashboards that allow for visually identifying trends, comparing KPIs, and analyzing specific subsets of information.

Use filters to interactively isolate different segments within a business’s operations without coding knowledge!

With FSM Lite, no more back-and-forth from your office to the site or waiting until after hours! You have real-time access at all times, so it’s easy to stay on top of your business.

Create a Schedule for Your Inspections

FSM Lite makes it easy to create inspections schedules that are automatically synced with your calendar. This allows you to track the status of each task, along with all other information related to it!

Once an inspection is completed, FSM lite has the option to send out a report for each location visited and provide any relevant data points captured during the visit. No more waiting on inspections or audits to be completed.

Job Management and Assignments

Do you want to stay on top of your business and easily assign jobs to the right people?

FSM Lite comes with job management and assignment features so you can easily track the status of various activities. You will always be up-to-date on what needs to get done and who is responsible for completing each task.

Business owners or back office administrators can view job statuses at any time and receive updates when they’re completed – all from a single dashboard.

Improved Communication

Gaining control of your team’s communication and collaboration is the key to success. So, empower your employees with custom workflows that allow for seamless execution across all sites to standardize processes.

Ensure everyone knows what needs doing when it comes time for a project or task at hand.

Customize Data to Meet Your Needs

Every organization is unique in its way. With FSM Lite, you can easily create custom data fields for your organization to fit any need you have!

Whether creating a new field or having multiple users log in to the same account via different email addresses, we’ve got everything covered to help ensure that you’re getting what fits your business best.

Take Photos & Videos of Evidence On-Site

Gain access to a suite of digital forms with FSM Lite. Take photos of documents, equipment’s, annotate them, licenses, permits, etc., on-site when doing an inspection or audit.

FSM lite makes it easy for you to take pictures uploaded into the app’s cloud storage to keep track of evidence from inspections and field audits!

Mobile Forms and Task Management Online and Offline

With FSM Lite, you can access your task list regardless of whether or not there’s internet connectivity! This allows managers to stay on top of their business regardless of location and create custom forms with the mobile app.

Seamless Inspections and Field Audits

Get Started with FSM Lite (the future of technology and inspections) today!

Streamline your inspections and audits! Save time, build custom forms without coding skills, and visualize data in real-time with instant reports.

Create a schedule for all your inspections, improve communication across the board by having custom workflows that standardize processes while getting everyone on the same page.

Download the app for free today and get a step ahead in tomorrow’s technology. Contact the FSM Lite team if you have any questions.

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