Manage Jobs Better

Seamless and Efficient

  • With FSM Lite, you can access your forms on the go to enable effective job management 

  • Queue each job based on priority for excellent customer management


Job Management

  • FSM Lite enables you to ensure effortless job management 
  • View your day at a glance & Keep your business moving wherever you go with just a click to manage the long queues of the jobs and your top priority task for the day.
  • Manage single-day or multiday jobs and assign your crew to each job as per their expertise and job description
  • Collect critical data in real-time, improving your work crew’s efficiency 
  • Track all the assigned jobs and keep a check on their status 
  • Track time-bound jobs and even the ones you have not yet assigned to the crew


Preventive Maintenance Job Scheduling

  • Nowadays, businesses focus on preventative maintenance rather than taking a reactive maintenance route to save costs and improve everyday business efficiency
  • With FSM Lite, you can maintain and manage your preemptive maintenance jobs based on highly customized daily, weekly, and monthly schedules 
  • FSM Lite Repeat job enables automatic job creation at set schedules
  • It will also protect your business from costly equipment failure
  • Automate your maintenance schedule to ensure timely preemptive maintenance 
  • Set up an expiry date for certain maintenance tasks.
  • Streamline your processes and automate maintenance tasks for timely and effective task completion.


Track Multiple Jobs and Technicians Simultaneously

  • The platform also offers a best-in-class calendar, which will help you manage the shifts of your employees.
  • FSM Lite’s Job Board, designed like the Gantt View with day, week and month view, enables field service managers to monitor the status of the assigned jobs in real-time. 
  • User-friendly Easy drag and drop from one user to another users and move jobs from unassigned queue.
  • Manage your multitasked jobs seamlessly.
  • Moreover, managers will also be able to receive an real time updates on the job progress.

Interested in Job Management by FSM Lite?