Forms Builder

Best in Class Forms Management

  • Forms builder optimizes Business processes which are user-centric. Intuitive form templates can be deployed to the field instantly

  • Capture from the field by viewing all forms via a single platform 

  • Connect with data sources anywhere at any time with a mobile device

Form Builder with

20+ Drag and Drop Controls

With FSM Lite’s intuitive dynamic form builder, you can create custom forms on the go with the help of 20+ controls. Our dynamic forms allow you to:

  • Create an ad hoc form template
  • Create and manage complex forms from the field
  • Define multiple numbers of customized options
  • Provide headers to forms
  • Create a form with various controls, including text, numeric, rich text, checkbox list, dropdown, date, barcode/QR codes, Geocode, etc
  • Export and print checklist templates
  • Attach checklists in Work Request Master/equipment/customer type or ad hoc
  • Allows upload of photos and documents
  • Defines field mandatory lengths, LOV, etc.


Forms and Sub-Forms

  • With FSM Lite, users can create multiple forms and sub-forms so that they can see customer data & orders from various tables on the same form 
  • Create forms and sub-forms with the help of particular conditions and scenarios

Capture Image

Scan Barcode and Geolocations

  • Collect data more smartly with dynamic forms, you can now add valuable data like GPS location, images, drawings, character recognition, and barcode scanning 
  • Streamline processes, improve data quality, and allow clients to validate the jobs

Interested in Dynamic Forms by FSM Lite?